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Root Rot: Guide to Disease

Lilit Diseases September 22, 2022
plant root

Root rot is a disease that is hard to identify. It starts below the surface and spreads quickly on the whole plant. Meanwhile, identification of this disease is vital for your greenery. The faster you do it the more chances your plant has to survive. Although it is not easy…

Brown Spots on Pothos Leaves: Causes and Treatment

Lilit Diseases September 20, 2022
Brown Spots on Pothos Leaves

Sometimes referred to lovingly as devil’s ivy or money plant, pothos is an indoor arum plant that originated in the southeast of Asia but is now popular pretty much across the globe. Its evergreen waxy-looking heart-shaped leaves can be seen outdoors, too, but these varieties are generally larger. It’s arguably…

Powdery Mildew: Disease Characteristics and Treatment

Lilit Diseases September 18, 2022
powdery mildew on leaves

Powdery mildew is a disease you can easily notice on your plants. You will not miss the powdery tinct on the leaves or stems. Powdery mildew pathogen attacks a wide range of plants, including houseplants. It quickly spreads from lower leaves to the flowers. This disease is one of the…

Canker Plant Disease: Symptoms and Treatment

Lilit Diseases September 16, 2022
cancer tree

Canker plant disease is more common than you think. It frequently happens in the kingdom of shrubs and trees. Although houseplants are less vulnerable to the disease, there is no 100 percent guarantee they’re safe from it. Canker is not the illness in the usual meaning. It is rather a…