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Black Spots on Monstera

Lilit Diseases August 19, 2022
big monstera leaves

Monstera is a giant vine that used to grow in rainforests and now lives in our homes. Its distinctive feature is the large, slick as if waxed, heart-shaped leaves with bizarre cutouts; each leaf is unique. Their color can be a variety of green shades. As it grows upward, it…

Chinese Evergreen Root Rot

Lilit Diseases August 17, 2022
Chinese Evergreen Root Rot

The genus Aglaonema (more often simply called Chinese Evergreen) contains about 50 different types of plants. These are herbaceous evergreen flowers native to the tropical and monsoon regions of India, China, Southeast Asia, and New Guinea. Young plants have practically no noticeable stems; over time, it takes shape but remains…

Money Tree Root Rot

Lilit Diseases August 15, 2022
money tree

The money tree (also scientifically called Crassula ovata or jade plant) is a fairly common succulent shrub thanks to its extreme ease of care. Because of it, it’s called a flower for the lazy, as it thrives in the absence of due attention from its owner, unlike many other species.…

Brown Spots on Plant Leaves: Causes & Cure

Lilit Diseases August 13, 2022
Brown Spots on Plant Leaves

Noticing brown spots on what recently was your indoor plant juicy greenery? Is your favourite houseplant suddenly turning all brown? Seeing brown spots on spider plant in your room? Don’t panic. Even though there’s nothing deadly about it, that’s not a good sign. If your precious greenery could talk, it…