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Yellow Leaf Plant

Lilit Diseases August 27, 2022
Yellow Leaf Plant

Each type of indoor plant requires an individual approach. It means different watering regimes, lighting, humidity, room temperature, soil quality, etc. Violation of one or more of these points can lead to the fact that plants begin to feel bad. If they are in unsuitable conditions for a long time,…

Yellow Leaf Camellia: Causes & Cure

Lilit Diseases August 25, 2022
Yellow Leaf

Are you looking to bring vibrant colour and elegance to your garden? Grow camellias! These evergreen shrubs that bloom in gorgeous red, pink, or white shades stand for faithfulness and longevity floral symbolism-wise. Depending on the classification, camellias produce large, delicately ruffled flowers from late fall to mid-spring. Camellia flowers…

Orchid Leaf Turning Yellow

Lilit Diseases August 23, 2022
green and yellow orchid leaves

An exotic and magnificent orchid is the dream of many growers. However, when buying or receiving such a flower as a gift, some inexperienced owners quickly destroy it, watering it like all other houseplants. Because of it, orchids got the title of difficult plants, which is not entirely true. It…

Dark Spot Aloe Vera

Lilit Diseases August 21, 2022
Dark Spot Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is an incredibly beneficial plant with proven medicinal properties. It is native to the arid regions of the Middle East and Africa. Due to the hot and often extreme climatic conditions in its homeland, this plant is used to surviving in the absence of sufficient watering and dry…