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Black Spot: Identification and Treatment

Lilit Diseases September 8, 2022
green leaf with brown spots

Black spot is usually considered a rose disease. Meanwhile, it can quickly spread to any plant in your house. It is highly important to notice the problem on time, identify it, and develop the best strategy for treatment. Read this article to find out everything you need to know about…

Yellow Leaf on Roses

Lilit Diseases September 8, 2022
blackened rose leaves

Rose bushes are quite common in gardens and parks, but these plants can also be grown in pots at home. In nature, there are more than 30000 species. All of them are beautiful in their own way and can become a real gem of your house and yard. Often, gardeners…

Black Spot on Roses: Detailed Manual

Lilit Diseases September 8, 2022
Black Spot on Roses

Black spot on roses is a popular disease caused by fungi. It turns green leaves into yellowish covered with black spots. Once the disease progresses, roses can lose their leaves. Although this problem is caused by numerous factors and may even appear randomly on your roses, you can try to…

Brown Spots on Hydrangea Leaves

Lilit Diseases September 8, 2022
brown spots on the leaves of a pink flower

Many gardeners adore hydrangeas for their magnificent spherical flowers. It is one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs, striking with the elegance of its forms, the brightness of colours, and the shades of its huge inflorescence caps, which change colour several times throughout the summer. It can become a real…